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Personal exhibitions: 12 Many collective exhibitions   including: Marine Show - National Marine Museum Paris Salon of French Artists (Grand Palais), Autumn Salon (Paris), Barbizon's big salon, International Trade Fairs in Bruges (Belgium) and Vittel, 2018 Orangerie du Sénat

Rewards and selections: Medal of Vermeil ASL - 2019 Jean Marie Zacchi Prize (Painter of the Navy) - Salon Saint Germain lès Corbeil 2016 2015 AAPP Exhibition Public Award Audience Award - 50th Adac Show - 2014 Silver Medal ASL - 2014 1st prize Artists Magazine - 2007

Collectors distribution: Individuals and companies in France, South Africa, Italy, England, USA.



Exposition personnelle à la salle de la Potinière de Saint Lunaire (35) du 18 au 28 août 2021;

Venez découvrir mes dernières toiles mais aussi mes scultptures et mes créations de bijoux.

Exposition ouverte tous les jours de 10h30 à 20h30

En dehors de ces horaires vous pouvez me joindre pour prendre rendez-vous ou pour tout renseignement sur mon adresse email

A très bientôt.


I paint mostly oil "a la prima" even if sometimes my schedule does not always allow me to finish my works in one sitting.

My inspiration comes from nature, its colors, its serenity, its noises, its smells. The colors and atmosphere of Brittany, where I spend my holidays regularly, have strongly inspired my palette. My distant travels with the sun, the sand, the heat, the colors of the lagoons, the ocher-red earth of Africa are also found there.

A common point of escape, the return to simplicity at the heart of a generous nature. I like to sit on the beach, not for sunbathing but to appreciate the transparency and nuances of water, sky, sand, smell, wind, ballet clouds, rain sometimes, this permanent show is inspiring.
I often like to walk in the woods and I enjoy shapes, colors, smells, light, sun rays, haze, reflections and shadows. Take this little path around my paintings and follow.

I also paint with acrylics and more particularly I use the technique "Fluid" or "pouring", Of very easy appearance, this technique requires a great mastery of pigments, mediums and mixtures of colors. Colorist at heart, I let myself be seduced by the diversity and surprise of the results of pigment chemistry.

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