A l'occasion de l'ouverture de l'atelier d'artiste de la Gromillais à Pleslin Trigavou du 23 au 25 août 2019

Article paru dans le télégramme août 2019

Ouverture atelier d'artiste à la Gromillais - Pleslin Trigavou - Article paru dans Ouest-France ne août 2019

Article dans Ouest France - août 2019

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Article paru dans le magazine de plesin - Octobre 2019

Article de presse - Univers des arts N° 188 - Novembre 2016

Art lettre de Régis Broustet

What a beautiful article written by Régis Broustet, all finesse and poetry. Here is an artist with a clear smile, a source of energy and joie de vivre whose business card is the humor associated with a few pantomimes that delight his entourage. Notwithstanding, his fatal weapon remains the painting with a predilection for the seashore and other coastal subjects. Bellostine has captured the peculiarities of this natural symphony of our seaside. By a gesture of great precision, she immobilizes this abstraction in motion: the wave. In his high-end recital, the compositions display all the variations of the range of phthalo or ultramarine blues with accents of bladder green and transparent finishes in Armor green. This coherence of colored combinations makes the titanium whites sing in an emulsion of foam whose mere sight fills the atmosphere with a beneficial iodine. It is by a light fingering and in the respect of the stages of progression of the work, that the artist refines an already pointed work coming to affirm perfectly its hyperrealist option. In her pictorial immersion and having developed a series of sea rollers, she finds inspiration closer to the urban. In fact, she transforms a simple shimmering reflection of pool pool wavelets into a work with abstract resonance that completes her series with harmony. The craze for the liquid element gives him enough appetite to create an aerial jellyfish in a window with just contrasts. In the elaboration of his favorite subject which is water in all its forms, Bellostine has gained in power and mastery. Successful work that has not gone unnoticed, since the painters of the Navy have asked for participation in their institution. It is by a sensual approach, that Bellostine knew to tie an intimate link with this source of life and by his talent, she pays homage to him by dedicating to him the most beautiful portraits.

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